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Equipment Used for Measuring Angles and Elevations in Surveying


There are various surveying instruments for measurement of angles and elevations. Types, properties, uses and details of these surveying equipment is discuss......

Types of Special Surveying Instruments and Their Uses


There are many general surveying instruments such as compass, levels, theodolites etc. used for different operations. But there are some special surveying in......

How Does Land Surveying Work?


Land surveyors may have slightly different processes, depending on the specific type of surveying they do. Here’s a quick overview of the various land survey......

What is the Global Information System (GIS)?


GIS is a computer-based information system that performs the activities of capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing and displaying both spatial and non-sp......

How to Survey Land


Precise land surveys depend on three fundamentals:

[1] The determination of distances.
[2] The determination of elevation.